Sector 2814

Aranel Took's DC Comics Fanfiction

Author Notes: JunoMagic gave me the idea for this fic, challenging me to write a fixed length ficlet based on the Fibonacci Sequence. And of course who better to feature in my first Fibonacci Fic than Green Lantern Dkrtzy RRR, the sentient mathematical progression! So how this works is that each paragraph of the fic has a word count corresponding to the Fibonacci Sequence. So the paragraphs have 1, 1, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 and 34 words.
Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts



The sum.

Of our parts.

An individual is easily defeated.

But combined, sums and products, lies our strength.

Light and willpower expand in exponential beauty, building and multiplying, in brightest day.

Calculations of minds take form in light, pushing back darkness, pushing back the painfully random fear and rage of our foes.

Evil shows its might, a maelstrom of yellow and red against form and order, but green holds together against chaos. Beware our power, for the Corps is greater than the sum of its parts.