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I use the Venus Rising font for the titles.

I use the AquilineTwo font in the story Pirates of The Emerald Dawn.

List of Site Updates

This site contains works of fanfiction. The characters, for the most part, belong to DC Comics. I may have a few original characters (my own and borrowed) here and there as well. No profit is being made, I do this out of love for the characters and for fun.

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My DC Fanfiction can also be found at LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, InsaneJournal and at Fanfiction.Net (non-Adult stories only at FFNet).

I run a community for Hal/Kyle fans on LiveJournal...

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... and I've also started a Hal/Kyle community on Dreamwidth, too.

I run four fanlistings for Hal & Kyle:

Emerald Knights FanlistingEmerald Knights is the fanlisting for their canon relationship (friendship-only, unless we can bribe Geoff Johns into changing that! XD).
Fly With Me FanlistingFly With Me is the fanlisting for their romantic relationship in fanfic.
Hal Jordan FanlistingNo Fear is the fanlisting for Hal.
Kyle Rayner FanlistingTorchbearer is the fanlisting for Kyle.

I also write fanfiction for Lord of the Rings. Canatics beware -- it will probably make your head explode. ;-) I write AU and I believe canon is more guidelines than rules.

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