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Other DC Heroes Stories
There are 10 Other DC Heroes stories.
An Amazon by Gaslight  
Words used: bluestocking, meeting, criterion, scholarly woman, tropical fever. This is set during the Elseworld Gotham by Gaslight, which puts Batman in the Victorian Age.
Crime Doesn't Pray  
Words used: signet, hymn, chase, seal, killing
Words used: flighty, volatile, oppressed, imperious, earnest. Pre-Brave and the Bold #2.
Words used: delegate, decay, rub out, preach, assign
Life Isn't Fair  
Robin gets stuck with the sucky jobs...
An angsty Tim drabble. Inspired by Batgirl #59.
Words used: asana, yoga posture, guardian, secret adviser, beetle
Words used: zephyr, telescope, question, envy, breeze
Second Chances  
A 250 word drabble written for a Valentine's Day challenge. The drabble had to include the words 'moon', 'vermillion', 'soft', and 'break'. AU, since I wrote it before reading Nightwing #117 and Batgirl #73.
Stress Release  
Words used: capabilities, childish, consult, terms, exhibition