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Aranel Took's DC Comics Fanfiction

10 Hurt/Comfort Challenge
Write 10 Hurt/Comfort fics. Claim: Hal Jordan/Kyle Rayner
10 Pokes Challenge
Create 10 pieces, based on the provided themes. Each must contain a 'poke'. Claim: Hal Jordan/Kyle Rayner
30 Sexy Fics Challenge
Write 30 pieces for your fandom, involving sex in some way. Claim: Hal Jordan/Kyle Rayner
AU ABC Challenge
Twenty-six prompts, based on letters of the alphabet. Claim: Hal Jordan/Kyle Rayner
bradygirl_12's Challenges
Challenges posted by bradygirl_12 on LiveJournal.
DC Imperium
A story-based DC Universe RPG set in the Roman Empire. I am playing Hal Mortenson, an Anglo-Saxon version of Hal Jordan.
DCU Free For All Challenge
A challenge centering on DCU characters. Claim: Hal Jordan/Kyle Rayner
DCU Free For All Monthly Challenge
A monthly challenge for the DCU Free For All Challenge
Gen fic featuring female characters.
Hal/Kyle Monthly Writing Challenge
A monthly writing challenge at the hal_kyle the LiveJournal Community .
Hal/Kyle Weekly Drabble Challenge
A weekly drabble challenge at the Hal/Kyle LiveJournal community.
Miscellaneous Challenges
Individual one-shot challenges.
Summer of Cliches Fic-a-thon 2008
Coldfiredragon's cliché fic-a-thon.
There and Back Again Challenges
There and Back Again's Writing Community Challenges