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Green Lantern Stories
There are 76 Green Lantern stories.
A Much Needed Break  
Kyle gets a surprise visit.
A Time for Freedom  
Hal causes a bit of trouble on the their journey to Rome.
All That Glitters  
Hal gets some wise advice.
Hal and Kyle have an anniversary.
Another Revelation  
Ollie reacts to the news. A sequel to Revelations (AU ABC Challenge).
Hal appreciates Kyle. This is in the near future of the fic "I'm What?!", so it contains references to mpreg (and the results of mpreg).
Birthday Present  
A little bit of silliness for the Green Lanterns. Takes place shortly after Rebirth.
Body Shots  
Kyle introduces body shots to Oa.
Cooking Lessons  
Kyle gives Hal a cooking lesson.
Ion gets some help from The Spectre. An alternate look at events that takes place right before Ion recreates the Guardians of the Universe. You probably need to have read/be familiar with the Power of Ion story arc.
Kyle figures out his feelings about Hal.
Guy contemplates Hal & Kyle's son.
Kyle decides to move to Oa. Set after the Sinestro Corps War. Pre-slash angst.
Filling the Senses  
Hal and Kyle, using the five senses. Each sense gets a drabble (100 words), and each drabble is split into each POV for 50 words each.
First Time  
Hal and Kyle's first time together. Can probably fit in as the missing scene in Revelations in the AU ABC Challenge.
Four Drabbles About Love  
Hal experiences four types of love.
Hal's daughter makes his very bad day a whole lot better.
Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts  
Dkrtzy RRR's view of the Green Lantern Corps.
Guardian Angel  
Kyle has someone to watch over him.
Happy Holidays  
Words used: typeface, holiday, font, goof, quick look
Happy Valentine's Day  
A schoompy Valentine's Day fic.
How Could It Get Any Worse?  
Kyle gets turned into a girl. What else could possibly go wrong?
Hal gets hurt. Pre-relationship Kyle angst. Words used: negligible, think, flexibility, arrogance
I'm What?  
Hal and Kyle get some very surprising news.
Ice Time  
The Lanterns play some hockey.
Hal and Kyle end up in the Marvel Universe. Kyle gets hit on and Hal gets jealous.
Just What Did We Do Last Night?  
The morning after. Too bad they can't remember the night before.
Bachelor parties are supposed to be embarrassing. Right?
Lost & Found  
Kyle gets lost on a school trip. Hal is there to rescue him.
Love is in the Air  
Sex pollen. Need I say more?
Merciful Advice  
After initially telling him they wouldn't see each other again, why did the The Spectre help Kyle so much?
Mirror, Mirror  
Hal is behaving oddly. Kyle is in for a surprise.
Monitor Duty  
Hal and Kyle get bored during monitor duty.
Words used: suspicion, unaffected, amazed, members, undoes
Peace on Earth. Mostly.  
Hal and Kyle finally get a quiet Christmas. Or maybe not.
Pirate Christmas Story  
Elseworlds. Christmas in Tortuga. Sequel to Pirates of the Emerald Dawn.
Pirates of The Emerald Dawn  
Elseworlds. Kyle Rayner is captured by the notorious pirate Captain Hal Jordan.
Please Do  
Sequel to First Time. Hal and Kyle's first morning together. Pretty much just PWP. Okay, maybe it has a little plot in it. : - )
A little post-flight activity. Sequel to Surprise.
Little girls like to be princesses, though sometimes it's not the usual kind. Written for the DCU Free for All Autumn Challenge 2008.
Kyle gets a promotion. With benefits. (Amalgam Hal Stark/Kyle O'Brien)
More than just Coast City needs rebuilding.
Hal and Kyle have a reunion. Written for Juno, to demonstrate the meaning of the English slang words "noogie" and "goosed". Who says English can't be fun! :-D
Revelations are made about Hal and Kyle's relationship. Four vignettes, three at 600 words and one at 800.
Words used: carousal, assortment, kindling, conviction, revelry
Road Trip  
The sequel to Mirror, Mirror. While on the road trip with Kyle, Hal contemplates the sudden changes in their lives.
Role Play  
Drunk Lanterns try some role playing. Probably just this side of a crack!fic.
Hal and Kyle are hot. Literally and figuratively.
Hal wants to see Kyle's drawing.
Soranik Natu's life fell apart when she was chosen as a Green Lantern, but that's not always a bad thing. Thanks to JunoMagic for looking this over for me!
Sisterly Advice  
Kyle and Susan bond over whiskey shots and a shared dislike of Hal's girlfriend.
Hal's thoughts on status and respect.
Stress Relief  
Kylie's had a rough day.
A date that looks like it's going to go very wrong for Hal suddenly goes very right.
System Malfunction  
Oops! Hal makes a mistake.
Tabhair póg dom, is Éireannach mé (Kiss me, I'm Irish)  
St. Patrick's Day on Oa. Kyle introduces Hal to the Irish tongue.
Talk Like a Pirate  
Elseworlds. Guy's showin' Kyle th' ropes o' bein' one o' the brethren. Set in the Pirates of the Emerald Dawn Universe. A tale told to be celebratin' International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yarrrr!
Ten Microfics About Hal/Kyle  
Microfic Meme. Write 10 different categories of fic, each in ten words about the same fandom/pairing.
There's nothing like a long separation to build up the tension.
The Bet  
John and Guy make a bet. This is a prequel to Revelations (AU ABC Challenge).
The Camping Trip  
Hal takes Kyle out for some male bonding.
The Emerald Knight  
Elseworlds. In a world without the Dark Knight, Hal Jordan is the World's Greatest Detective. A wayward sidekick comes home and a rebirth of sorts occurs.
The Meeting  
Elseworlds. Captain Hal Jordan has a meeting with Lord Alan Scott. Prequel to Pirates of The Emerald Dawn.
The Start of the Journey  
DC Imperium RPG. Hal starts a new life in Ireland and begins a journey.
The Wedding Planner  
Jane wants to be the flower girl!
Hal has a bit of a fetish. Hal/Kyle/T-38
Training Session  
Hal and Kyle's training session takes an interesting turn.
Kyle's relationship with Hal's nephew goes through a transformation.
Under the Mistletoe  
Hal. Kyle. Mistletoe.
Unexpected Consequences  
Kyle's Kiss of Death can be used for Good as well as Evil. Crack!fic.
Unusual Weather  
Hal and Kyle's new powers are causing some unusual weather.
Weathering the Storm  
Elseworlds. Kyle is miserable. Hal takes care of him. Set in the Elseworld of Pirates of The Emerald Dawn.
Welcome Home  
Kyle comes home.
What Fates Impose  
Elseworld. Pirate AU. Kyle has returned to England to dispose of his inherited responsibilities. Fate has other plans for him. Sequel to Pirates of The Emerald Dawn and A Pirate Christmas Story.
White-Knuckle Ride  
Airplane!porn. Written for maab_connor's prompt "Hal/Kyle, white-knuckled" at the LJ community comment_fic.
Wielding His Weapon  
Elseworld. Kyle has a sword lesson. Hal gets distracted.