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Author Notes: This was written for the there_n_back Advent Calendar Challenge. Every day, a new prompt was added to the list and I had to use all of the prompts in that day's list: Day 1 - bottle; Day 2 - bottle, wharf, etc. So I had no idea where this was going, other than all 24 entries would tie together into one whole story and each entry would have 100 words per prompt. Because I'm insane.
Prompt - bottle
Pirate Christmas Story
Chapter 1
Pirate Christmas Story cover art

“It’s strange, having Christmas when it’s hot out,” Kyle said as he climbed up onto the Tortuga dock. The only indication of the season were the garlands of dirty red ribbon tied around the lamp posts that lined the street. Apparently even pirates could be festive for the holiday. 

He pulled at the collar of his coat. It had been a long time since he’d last worn it, but Hal had insisted they dress up for their trip ashore. “So where are we going?”

Hal handed Kyle a bottle of wine, then climbed out of the boat himself. “You’ll see.”

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